Hanau–Nantenbach line upgrade

Hanau–Nantenbach line upgrade – Bypass (PFA3), VE 4: Slab tracks



DB Netz AG

Project volume

EUR 9.5 million

Construction time

05/2016 – 11/2016 (7 months)

Construction of the slab track (Rheda 2000 system) in the 5,825-m-long, double-track section with four single-track tunnels and several troughs and earthworks as well as slab track on long and short bridges.

Construction of approx. 11,647 m of Rheda 2000 slab tracks
Planning, construction, ordering and delivery of materials (of which approx. 1,400 m along an open section)
Design speed 160 km/h
Operability: Single-slab system consisting of liftable single slabs 2 m in length, in total 5,200 m, with approval for operational testing (Wittfeld GmbH)